Our Service

Our business covers renovation, expansion, commercial decoration, landscaping, real estate planning and development. We also have professional partners, designers and Australian quality certified material suppliers. Strict control of all processes and quality, so that customers absolute peace of mind.


We have created a cost database from up-to-date and relevant data, so we can give you accurate project budgets and feasibility studies. This allows us to give you a detailed, reliable forecast of construction costs for any sized  project, from design to build.


HANSO finds sites to suit your project perfectly and can advise on all aspects of site selection, town planning, zoning requirements and services availability. This minimizes planning delays, reduces design and construction costs, and ensures your project gets off to the best start possible.


HANSO will assess your needs to determine whether a pre-lease facility will provides a more viable, low-risk option for your business and after considering the advantages and disadvantages of a number of locations, will package your lease to best suit your requirements.


Save you considerable time and expense by engaging HANSO to structure a complete land and building package. Choose from a range of locations for a variety of purposes, from data centre construction to office block development and much more.


HANSO will provide advice as to how you can maximise use of your existing site as well as accommodate for future growth whilst minimizing disruption to your business during construction.


HANSO offers the flexibility of providing either a development management agreement or joint venture arrangement to manage the development of your land, from empty paddock to finished product.

Service process

HANSO Project Management System:

Providing effective communication with architects, engineers and other third-parties, as well as our customer service team

Finalising contents and the scope of work, preparing the working schedule

Holding conferences with all sub-contractors for the details and corresponding construction plan

Project managers:  response for the allocation of different sub-contractors and their responsibilities during the process of construction. Checking the drawings and supervising during the construction process and resolving any unexpected situation.

Hanso Supervising System:

Project manager to check and inspect the quality of the construction for every stage that is completed

Project manager to check and inspect the quality of the construction daily

Project manager to supervise and coordinate to each and every sub-contractor

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