Company profile

Hanso has been evolving and building strong reputation in design and construction industries within a decade. Our design studio today is led by a group of three directors. Supporting them is an accomplished team of young architects and designers, who are highly passionate, with young mentalities and distinct approaches in creating high quality designs. We strongly believe that good collaboration with clients and understanding their needs are what contribute to good designs.

We always emphasize and consider the way a design affect people at the most intimate level. Hence, materiality is one of our top priorities and the reason why we are one of Melbourne’s largest suppliers of top quality tiling and flooring.

A true multi-disciplinary company, Hanso measures the success of works through our attention and professionalism given throughout the whole process, from design phase to construction and materials

Service process

Estimating: Base on the drawing we received, provide a breakdown quote

Contract Administration: Estimating & Tender Submission

Project Management: Construction process Management to deliver the project on time, quality and budget

Inspection & Cost Reports: Provides high-quality inspection and cost reports for any situation our client require with the project.

Service process

Project negotiation: understand the details of the project and negotiate the design price
Sign the contract: determine the final price and service content according to the negotiation between both parties
Project positioning: accurate positioning of the project after signing the contract
Project design: after project positioning, complete the design according to Party A's requirements and contract service content
Post cooperation: provide satisfactory post service
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